The Milan branch of the SAE Institute is part of a global network of over 50 campuses in 26 countries: after starting its activity in Milan in 1996 as provider of post-secondary technical courses in audio engineering, it has evolved into one of the most important national operators for higher education in the fields of Creative Media Industries. The success of its courses has allowed the Institute to extend its offering to the fields of film and television, 2D/3D animation, videogames, and music business. With the mission of preparing future generations of creative workers, SAE Institute courses are focused on professional training and direct practice, prioritizing project-based learning models.

At legislative level, SAE Institute Milano is a Non-state institution operating within the national AFAM framework (which stands for Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance) authorized at ministerial level to award official first level academic diplomas (Corsi di diploma accademico di primo livello: First Cycle QF-EHEA – Level 6 EQF Italian qualification). The ministerial authorization is formulated by the Ministerial Decree 280/2017, pursuant to Article 11 of Presidential Decree No. 212/2005. The authorized programs that will be involved in the Erasmus+ projects are the Diploma Accademico in Produzione Audio and the Diploma Accademico di Primo Livello in Produzione Cinetelevisiva e Nuovi Media.

Erasmus Call coming in the academic year 2023 – 2024


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