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Visual Effects & 3D Animation at SAE Institute Wien

VFX is an integral and important part of video productions. And that doesn't just apply to fantasy, science fiction or horror films - other productions also use "invisible effects" to optimize and trick what modern technology has to offer. Whatever stories you want to tell, there are no limits to what you can do in VFX & 3D Animation.

What will you learn at SAE Institute?

Our studios offer you the opportunity to bring extraordinary characters and photorealistic objects to life. To do this, you'll learn to model and render 3D animations and dive into the essential processes of post production. From editing to color grading, you'll learn the craft of visual effects and 3D animation - a craft for professionally manipulating films of all kinds. You'll learn to create illusions.

For whom is the Visual Effects & 3D Animation department suitable?

VFX & 3D Animation is aimed at people who are looking for animation artist training or VFX artist studies. It is aimed at people who want to learn 3D animation to bring characters to life and make the impossible possible.

Career­prospects for visual effect artists and animation designers

Our training and studies in VFX provide the best preparation for gaining a foothold in the film industry. The opportunity to work with professional equipment allows you to realize your own ideas and find a career in 3D animation. The vast network of peers and the degree will help you get started in visual effects, compositing, motion graphics, animation, CGI and other areas of post production.
Compositing Roto/Paint Artist, VFX Coordinator, MatchMover
Animation 3D/2D Animator, CG Generalist, Rigger
Rendering & Lighting Look Dev Artist, Rendering Artist, Lighting TD

Have we awakened your passion?

Visual FX & 3D Animation
Students' Showreel

Structure of our VFX & 3D Animation curriculum

The Visual Effects training and the 3D Animation studies are composed of the following modules:



3D Rendering


Projekt & Workflow



Research & Development

A detailed description of the individual modules, including their main topics, is available in our brochure.

Learning and studying
at SAE Institute Wien

In March and September, you can start your vocational training or your studies with us. You have the same opportunities to learn and study with us in all our departments:

Professional Qualification – Diploma

In 18 months, the SAE Diploma lays the foundation for your professional entry into the creative industries. A high proportion of practical work enables a sound knowledge of the subject, and many practical applications train your own technical skills at an early stage. Accordingly, this makes the SAE Diploma a technical vocational training with strong industry relevance, flexible time management and a high degree of self-determination

For those who focus on a comprehensive and meaningful portfolio, the newly introduced Advanced Diploma is a very good addition. In addition to an interdisciplinary or cross-semester project as part of a team, this learning section also examines the aspects that are involved in such projects. In this way, you develop a broader view of work processes and interrelationships, while at the same time deepening your technical skills. As a result, you add value to your diploma.

Academic Degree – Bachelor

The study regulations provide for two course parts, the prestigious and industry-recognized Diploma, and an undergraduate part, where additional skills are learned and areas such as creative industry processes, project management, copyright and special techniques are covered. The program culminates in an internationally recognized BA/BSc (Hons), validated by the University of Hertfordshire in London. The standard period of study for the BA/BSc (Hons) including the Diploma is 36 months.

Follow your passion for visual effects and 3D animation

For information on the prices of our educational offerings and a detailed study structure, please refer to our online brochure.
For any further questions, please contact our experienced educational advisors. They will help you with your decision in word and deed.
Our free workshops prepare you for your way into professional VFX productions and give you a first taste of campus life at our animation school in Vienna.
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