Music Business

Do you have a passion for music? Are you a good organiser and want to have contact to artists and bands? Than you might be a born music or arts manager, or a natural booker.


Music Business Diploma



You are looking for a solid and swift entry in a new career, or you want to further develop your career in the music and events field? A Music Business Diploma will qualify you for jobs in the fields of artists' management, concert and event organisation, music distribution, or for employment at a music label or publisher.

There will be five hours of theoretical classroom study per week, in combination with a recommedned 20 hours a week of practical training, to earn an internationally-recognised SAE diploma withiun two years. With this balance of theory and practical applications students will also be able to collect valuable work experience for their future careers.






Overview of Courses

  • Structures of the Music Industry,
  • Introduction to the Publishing Industry,
  • Introduction to the Recording Industry,
  • Introduction to Music Distribution,
  • Introduction to the Live-Music Industry,
  • History of the Music Industry,
  • Money Streams and Royalties Collection,
  • Music Management,
  • Music History,
  • Music Analyses,
  • Workshop KSK,
  • Workshop for current and future developments in the music industry


  • Blog 1 on Music Analysis,
  • Blog 2 on Music Analysis,
  • Blog 3 on Music Analysis,
  • Essay on Music Analysis,
  • Expose' on Music Analysis,
  • Presentation of an Artist,
  • Presentation to the Music Industry,

Overview of Courses

  • Audio production,
  • Artist Branding,
  • Press Kit,
  • Photography,
  • IUmage Production,
  • Photography Seminar,
  • Image Production Seminar,
  • Layout and Design,
  • Copyright,
  • Music Publishing,
  • Music Contracts,
  • Workshop Wordpress,
  • Workshop on producing a video-EPK


  • Analysis of a publishing contract,
  • Copyright Test,
  • Artist and Song Selection,
  • Promo Photos,
  • Publishing Plan
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age 18 years 
  • The admission must be completed by a positive completion of the 9th grade
  • You're required to bring your own laptop
  • Admission interview
Fees & Funding
  • Prepayment: 1 payment at the start of the course.
  • Standard Payment:  24 payments, each due at the beginning of each month.
  • Bank financing in certain cases.

Field of Work

  • Artists' Manager,
  • A&R Manger,
  • Product Manager for Music,
  • Music Producer,
  • Booker,
  • Event Manager,
  • Tour Manager,
  • Music Publkisher,
  • Music Promoter,
  • Music Journalist,
  • Ticket Agent,
  • Entertainment Manager
  • Label,
  • Music Distribution,
  • Event Marketing,
  • Music Publishing
Das SAE Institute behält sich das Recht vor, im Zuge kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsmaßnahmen und im Einklang mit dem Feedback der Interessenvertreter Überarbeitungen und Änderungen der hier vorliegenden Informationen vorzunehmen.