Music Business

Do you have a passion for music? Are you a good organiser and want to have contact to artists and bands? Than you might be a born music or arts manager, or a natural booker.


BA/BSc (Hons) Music Business



This studies programme was developed with a focus on how to build and lead a professional operation and to develop an innovative business and administrative model for the digital age. Graduates will have acquired the basic skills and knowledge for a career in the music business.

The studies programme has a focus on the basic aspects of the music industry. This includes cultural and historical perspectives, analyses amd prognostication, legal frameworks, and developing sources of revenue., It will also focus on planning strategies, formulating a budget, and marketing in various industry scenarios, including artist management, publishing, e-music and live event management.

This studies programme has two different curricula. One results in the respected and from the industry recognised SAE Music Business Diploma. The other is a BA/BSc (Hons) Music Business* which offers additional skills and a focus on aspects of the field such as processes in the creative economy, project management, copyright law, and other special topicxs relating to the music industry. This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion.

The period of study for a degree in BA/BSc is 42 months.

Academic Levels at the SAE Institute






In Partnership with Middlesex University

* This programme was developed and is delivered and assessed by SAE Institute, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University.


Overview of Courses

  • Structures of the Music Industry,
  • Introduction to the Publishing Industry,
  • Introduction to the Recording Industry,
  • Introduction to Music Distribution,
  • Introduction to the Live-Music Industry,
  • History of the Music Industry,
  • Money Streams and Royalties Collection,
  • Music Management,
  • Music History,
  • Music Analyses,
  • Workshop KSK,
  • Workshop for current and future developments in the music industry


  • Blog 1 on Music Analysis,
  • Blog 2 on Music Analysis,
  • Blog 3 on Music Analysis,
  • Essay on Music Analysis,
  • Expose' on Music Analysis,
  • Presentation of an Artist,
  • Presentation to the Music Industry,

Overview of Courses

  • Audio production,
  • Artist Branding,
  • Press Kit,
  • Photography,
  • IUmage Production,
  • Photography Seminar,
  • Image Production Seminar,
  • Layout and Design,
  • Copyright,
  • Music Publishing,
  • Music Contracts,
  • Workshop Wordpress,
  • Workshop on producing a video-EPK


  • Analysis of a publishing contract,
  • Copyright Test,
  • Artist and Song Selection,
  • Promo Photos,
  • Publishing Plan

Creative Media Practice

  • Portfolio Development;
  • Camera, Light and Video Techniques;
  • Media Production,
  • Time Management,
  • Scientific Work,
  • Guerilla Marketing,
  • Presentation TRechniques,
  • Criteria for Successful Management,
  • Job Application Portfolio

Advanced Music Business

  • Event Management,
  • Marketing Psychology,
  • Global Music markets,
  • Licensing,
  • Project-and-Team Management,
  • Specialised Lecture

Development of a Project REelevant to the Industry, Research aimed establishing baseline information, preparing and carrying a scientific method, Carrying througha research project with applied production methods, evaluation and interpretation of the results, presentation of the research project.

Entry Requirements
  • Admission requirements for our BA/BSc (Hons) Music Business* is first and foremost the successful completion of the Diploma. This requires a minimum age of 18 years.
  • The admission must be completed by a positive completion of the 9th grade.
  • It is necessary to bring your own laptop.
Fees & Funding
  • Prepayment: 2 payments at the beginning of each course (beginning diploma, beginning of Bachelor)
  • Standard: 42 payments on the 1st of the month

Careers in the Music Industry

  • Management
  • Artist Manager
  • Product Manager for Music
  • Music Producer
  • A&R manager
  • Event Manager
  • Booker
  • Tour Manager
  • Music Publisher
  • Music Promoter
  • Music Journalist
  • Label Manager