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Games Programming

Do you enjoy programming, do you need visual feedback and can you finish every level? Then the field of Games Programming is right for you!

An exciting idea for a game is a good starting point, but gripping gameplay is only achieved when game programmers use their know-how to provide intricate details. A professional qualification or professional development in the field of Games Programming opens the door to a career as a Gameplay, Engine, Graphics or AI Programmer, to name just a few.

Course content (excerpts from the curriculum)

Game-development basics

Object-oriented programming, game physics, math & logic, game-engine basics

Game mechanics

game design, programming basics, C++, C#, level design

Advanced game development

performance, software architecture, data structure, process optimization

Game dynamics

game physics, effects, AI, procedural worlds, simulations

Project & Workflow

VR, AR, App, editor, game engine


collaborative work processes in project work


financing, publication and marketing to target groups

Research & Development

research and analysis, project management and planning


Job profiles in the games industry


Unity Programmer, Graphics Programmer, AI Programmer, GUI Programmer


Network Programmer, SQL Specialist, System Administrator, Software Architect


Database Developer, iOS / Android Developer, Java Developer, PHP Developer

Learn and study

Course starts: March and September

Diploma: Professional training / Professional development

Bachelor: Full-time degree / Part-time degree

Master: Specialization / Professional qualification

18 months Diploma
The SAE Diploma provides the foundation for a career in the audio industry in 18 months. With a practical part of 80%, it enables a profound knowledge of the industry and many practical application studies train the own technical skills at an early stage. This makes the SAE Diploma a technical professional education with strong industry relevance, flexible time management and a high level of self-design.
18 months Bachelor
The study program includes two course parts, the prestigious and industry-recognized Diploma, and a BachelorĀ“s degree part where additional skills are learned and fields such as creative industry processes, project management, copyright and special techniques are taught. The program will lead to an internationally recognized BA/BSc (Hons) degree, validated by the University of Hertfordshire in London. The normal duration of study for the BA/BSc (Hons) including the Diploma is 36 months.

Admission requirementss

Own notebook with internet access for theory tests, online lectures and lecture notes

For Bachelor: The admission requirement for our BA/BSc (Hons) bachelorĀ“s degree program is the successful completion of the diploma.

For Diploma: completed secondary school or Matura, minimum age: 18 years, obligatory advisory talk.


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