You have a knack for telling stories, capturing unique images, putting environments in the right light? The film industry needs talent and well-trained professionals in all areas. You can be a part of it.


Digital Film Production Diploma


Through its Digital Film Production Diploma courses, the SAE offers a studies programme which is tailor-made at addressing the needs of the film industry and the digital content creation branch.  Graduates of this programme will also be able to find career possibilities in other fields of creative media.

The studies programme is aimed at goal-orineted, creative people who want to bring "the cinema in ther mind" to the silver screen, for those who enjoy experimenting and who like working with cameras, and for those who want to find the requisite techniques to realise their ideas and stories. The extensive training for a Digital film Production Diploma will provide the right background for filming music videos, documentaries, news reports, or short films.

The course includes five hours a week of classroom theory, which is combined with a recommended 20-25 hours a week of hands-on training and applied practical work. This is aimed at earning a recognised SAE diploma in two years. During this time, students can also gain work experience through internships and part-time work on sets and post-production.





International certification in accordance with ISO 9001



Module 1: Basics of Film-Making 1

  • Camera and Lighting Basics
  • Scriptwriting Basics
  • Film History
  • Film Analysis Basics
  • Video Editing Basics
  • Montage Theory
  • Optical Basics
  • Set Seminar
  • Digital Signal & Information Flows
  • Cutting
  • Production Basics & Image Composition;
  • Light and Colours
  • Video Basics & Media Operating Techniques

Module 2: The Art of Storytelling

  • Dramaturgy
  • Script / Scripting
  • Screenplay analysis
  • Scenography
  • Revision
  • The Screenwriter
  • Acting direction
  • Visual language in Videos
  • Storyboarding
  • Moodboarding

Module 3: Basics of Film-Making 2

  • Camera & Light
  • Director
  • Audio Engineering
  • Direct Quote
  • Audio Editing
  • Production Scenic Film
  • VFX Theory & History
  • Camera & Light Greenscreen
  • Colorgrading
  • Compositing & Animation
  • VFX Supervising

Module 4: Documentary Film

  • Film History
  • Documentary Film Formats
  • Material Development Research
  • Camera Light
  • Production Documentary Film
  • Interview Techniques
  • Cut
  • Documentary Narrative Structures
  • Film & Media Ethics
  • Multicam Cut

Module 5: Production of a Short Film / Advertising / Music Video

  • Production Scenic Film
  • Production Advertising
  • Production Music Video
  • Camera Light
  • Grip
  • DIT
  • OnAir - Screen Design
  • Audio Dubbing / Synchronization
  • Film Music
  • Digital Photography

Module 6: Production & Distribution Streams

  • Production Preparation
  • Film Law
  • Film Funding & Budgeting
  • Production Management
  • Press Kit
  • Finishing (DVD / BluRay / Optical Media)
  • Project Revision
  • Audio Mastering
  • Broadcast & Cinema Technology
  • Finishing (Online)
  • Film History
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age 18 years 
  • The admission must be completed by a positive completion of the 9th grade
  • Admission interview
Fees & Funding
  • Payment in advance: 1 payment at the beginning of the course
  • Standard: 18 payments per 1st of the month
  • Financing through home savings loans possible in individual cases
  • Kameramann/-frau
  • BeleuchterIn
  • Grip


  • RegisseurIn
  • ProduzentIn
  • AufnahmeleiterIn
  • RegieassistentIn
  • ProduktionsleiterIn
  • ProduktionsassistentIn
  • Editor / Cutter
  • SchnittassistentIn
  • Color Grading Operator