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Winner 2018

2018 featured the 13th SAE Awards competition honouring outstanding works of SAE students and alumni. The awards show presented an hour of inspiring and really great works.

213 projects from Europe and even across the ocean had made it to the final round. The quality of the submissions has been very impressive, so it wasn’t easy for the jury to select the 3 best entries of each category as nominees an finally pick the winners.

Congratulations to …

SAE Alumni Awards

Kvazar – Alan Giron, Eric Rodríguez, SAE Mexico

Sennheiser Audiophile Range, The Inner Voice – Patrick Leuchter, SAE Cologne

Profiterole – Nikoleta Geladari, SAE Athens

Dead Woods – Tim Jonisseck, SAE Leipzig

Brown Sugar, Bob Sezibwa – Alex Garlea, SAE Mexico

SAE Students Awards

The Good, the Bad and the Cactus – Adib Cherit, SAE Mexico

Remembering – Marcel Weinbrenner, SAE Frankfurt

Köln, eine Stadt im grünen Wandel – Michael Spalek, SAE Cologne

Victims – Miriam Sosa, SAE Mexico

UE4,  a Simon Stalenhag inspired scene – Jakob Keudel, SAE Berlin

Mr. O’Henning’s “Booty Swing” – Michael Punzl, Lukas Henning, Florian Huber, Sos Petrosyan, SAE Frankfurt

Cyberpunk Alley – Steffen Hampel, SAE Hamburg

This-Way – Mo Moghadam, SAE Vienna

SAE Legends Awards:

Photos: Giulio Giani, Tobias Möchel

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