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Understanding how and why we use cookies

We use cookies on our site ( and any sub-domain e.g. to create the most effective website possible for our customers. Among other things, cookies allow you to remember preferences and use certain tools and sections on our website. This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, how we use them and how they benefit you.
As you may be aware, recent legislation requires websites to gain visitors' consent to use certain cookies.

How you can manage your cookies

The browsers of most computers, smartphones and other web-enabled devices are typically set up to accept cookies. If you wish to amend your cookie preferences for this website or any other websites, you can do this through your browser settings. Your browser's 'help' function will tell you how to do this. If and when you are visiting one of our websites where local jurisdictions require us to ask for your consent to set cookies on your device, we will always ask you before setting a cookie. However, please remember that cookies are often used to enable and improve certain functions on websites, including ours. If you choose to switch certain cookies off, it is likely to affect how our website works. More information about how to disable cookies, visit

Which cookies do we use?

Permanent cookies

Cookie name Function
__utma, __utmb, __utmc and other __utm-cookies Used for visitor tracking by Google Analytics. SAE Institute uses Google Analytics to statistically analyse the visits and visitors, in order to understand their needs and the information they are looking for. SAE Institute uses this information to optimize the experience on
_mktro_trk Only on Australian sub-pages of (,,, and Used for campaign nurturing and monitoring using Marketo.

Session (temporary) cookies

Cookie name Function
PHPSESSID The PHPSESSID is used to store the currently active browser session identification, with which preferences about locality and geo-targeting are stored.

Third-party cookies

Other parties may in certain cases, set cookies when you visit or one of its sub-sites.

Third party Function
Facebook, Twitter Social media services integrated on our websites may set a cookie to remember that you clicked a like or follow button, or remember other settings.
Youtube, Vimeo Video players used or embedded on our websites may store playback quality preferences, or the last playing position to provide you with a better experience.

Do we track whether users open our emails?

Our emails may contain a single, campaign-unique “web beacon pixel” to tell us whether our emails are opened and verify any clicks through to links or advertisements within the email. We may use this information for purposes including determining which of our emails are more interesting to users, to query whether users who do not open our emails wish to continue receiving them and to inform our advertisers in aggregate how many users have clicked on their advertisements. The pixel will be deleted when you delete the email. If you do not wish the pixel to be downloaded to your device, you should select to receive emails from us in plain text rather than HTML.

More about your privacy

SAE Institute values your privacy and will never share any of your details with other parties without your consent. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.