MEET THE PRO - Workshop Electronic Music

03 Aug 2018
MEET THE PRO - Workshop Electronic Music

"From the bedroom to the Big(ger) time"

Andri Søren Haflidason (sonøren) is a musician and visual artist. He has performed at Ancienne Belgique, Fuse, Botanique, Flagey, MIMA, Bozar, TEDx Brussels, Beursschouwburg, Iceland Airwaves.  He's been making music since the age of ten, this largely as a hobby, until he left his career as an architect in 2013 to commit himself to music and visual art. In 5 years, he has gone from a 'bedroom musician' to someone playing in the largest venues in Brussels. He has had his photography featured in Focus Knack, Metro, RTBF and others.

The good news is that this was all achieved with very humble means. Andri, during this workshop shared how he made the transition from the bedroom to the big time (a definite tongue-in-cheek reference), shared the successes as well as the hard parts, of which there were many. Topics touched upon self-motivation, collaboration, self-promotion, organization & project management, and of course, the single true secret to success (this part’s serious).

 Find out more about the Electronic Music Production Certificate HERE!

andri soren haflidason

About Andri Søren Haflidason (sonøren)
Two years ago, he launched Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM) festival together with Brice Deloose, which is today the largest urban electronic music festival in Brussels and arguably in Belgium, as well as co-founding the family of projects an artists known as FTRSND (future sound). Additionally, Andri is Ableton's official product specialist in Belgium, giving workshops, artist assistance as well as classes at SAE and around Europe, and is nearing 1/2 a million views on Youtube.



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