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SAE Brussels’ best assets are our supervisors and lecturers, who are all very active in their industries. Our students have the chance to learn from the very best in the industry. Sometimes our students also get the chance to participate in our supervisors’ and lecturers’ personal and professional (outside-of-teaching) projects.

Similar to all SAE staff, Our Head of Film Department, Melanie Biesemans-Sladden, is a very well connected profile with a strong industry background, which provides our students with numerous benefits like networking, industry practice, project based experience. To name a few among the aforementioned, this year our students filmed the BSFF Mag and participated in the filming of the ‘Les Diables et nous’ for the EURO 2020.

In September 2021, RTBF is releasing a new game show called ‘Les Associés du week-end‘ hosted by Sara de Paduwa. It quizzes participants on their musical knowledge, and the winner has the chance to win some prize money. You can view the show on La Une at 18h30 every Saturday and Sunday.

The show is one of Melanie’s outside-of-teaching projects, on which she works as the Casting Director. She invited two students to participate as assistants, helping her coordinate the participants as well as the public. We think it’s great to have these opportunities to see specialists on assignments. These opportunities allow for inspiration, mimicking, as well as shadowing! And as the saying goes, you learn best by doing.

We asked one of the students, who is very interested in fiction, what she thought about the whole experience. “It is an excellent opportunity because it opens the door to networking, helps you to learn a lot, as well as understand how everything works backstage,” she said.

Filming a game show is quite impressive — so much work goes into a segment of 45 minutes on TV! The set is one thing, but then there are the lights, the multiple cameras, the headsets, the public, the participants, the host, the makeup and clothing, the catering, the mixing crew, special effects, sound, and the producers. Going into the film landscape, you have quite the choice for a career!

We are glad to offer these kinds of experiences to our students, to enhance their studies. As part of our curriculum, we are always trying to get our students to try out as many different ‘career paths’ as possible because you never know what might make your heart tick in the end. Someone might start as wanting to go into producing but end up wanting to work with scriptwriting.

The filming industry is very diverse, and you never know what kind of opportunity awaits. One thing is for sure: you should take all the chances you get because you never know where they might take you.


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