Workshop Sabam

29 Jan 2018
Workshop SABAM



It was in January that our students had the opportunity to participate in information sessions on SABAM.
During these workshops, focused on the field of Audio and Film, the participants were able to discover how this structure can support them for all the stages of their artistic projects.


► La SABAM: Who they are?

Sabam is the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers.

Its goal is the collection and distribution, administration and management (in the broadest sense of the word) of all authors' rights in Belgium and in the other countries where reciprocity agreements have been concluded (with our sister associations, i.e. with the other collective management organizations worldwide).

The company that was founded in 1922, at the initiative of a number of authors, represents today, thousands of authors from all disciplines. Sabam is frequently associated only with music but prides itself on it multidisciplinary character. It represents composers, text writers, publishers, playwrights, choreographers, directors, scriptwriters, dialogue writers, radio makers, subtitle authors, translators, novelists, poets, cartoonists, illustrators, journalists, sculptors, painters, video filmers, photographers, graphic artists, etc.

► Their Job:
Sabam documents the works of its authors in order to be able to collect the copyright whenever a work of its repertoire is executed or diffused publicly. Then, they distribute it to the author.


► Their missions:

Sabam guarantees equitable compensation for the thousands of Belgian and foreign authors for whom they manage the rights.
As a reference point within the creative sector, Sabam gives its clients quick and easy access to the world repertoire. 







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