Workshop - Méthode d’apprentissage d’écoute Professionelle

23 Oct 2017
workshop méthode d'écoute professionnelle

- Workshop -


By Patrick Thévenot

More than 30 people were at the SAE Institute Bruxelles last Friday to take advantage of the experience and the know-how of Mr. Thévenot, the former person in charge of the laboratory of acoustics and formative to the INA.


Professional listening method: Principle, purpose and specificity. 

This method aims to acquire an effective and fast sound method of analysis, applicable to any stereophonic activity of sound recording or sound system. This is The Tool that every sound engineer acquires after several years;

This method allows an assimilation in a few days only... With more efficiency!

This apprenticeship allows to free yourself from subjective usual sound and cultural criteria. The aesthetic side is separately taken into account during a later phase of the analysis of the recording, the mixing or the sound recording.

The specificity of this training is the objective quantification of the sound impressions defined by objective criteria. This quantification which appeals to our left brain avoid being 'parasite' by the emotional side (right brain). It allows a fast identification of every criterion and avoids a too big hearing fatigue, often felt during the classic critical and analytical listening.

This method of analysis is classified by type and we distinguish 12 basic criteria grouped in 5 families:

  • Construction criteria  (width, depth, relief)
  • Balance criteria (spectral balance, dynamic balance)
  • Definition criteria (separation of stamps, transparency)
  • Stability criteria (of the global image, the subjects)
  • Reverberation criteria (quantity, type(chap), homogeneity)


During this one day workshop we reviewed:

The morning: introduction of the basic criteria

  • Definition of the criteria.
  • Hearing and quantified experiment, first part.

The afternoon: application

  • Hearing and quantified experiment, second part.
  • Exercises of analysis and experiment of the method.
  • Autonomous individual application.
About Mister Thévenot Patrick:

Graduate from the "Ecole Centrale de l’Electronique", the CNAM, Patrick Thévenot was in charge of the laboratory of acoustics and formative at the INA and co-founded the company A2t.
He shares his time between engineering consulting firm and designing loudspeakers Prosodia.
Specialized in psychology-acoustics, his work allows the future professionals to acquire a relevant sound tool of analysis.

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