Harcèlement Moral : clip vidéo réalisé par des étudiants en film

05 Mar 2018
Clip Harcèlement Moral

Our students are talented!

As part of a volunteer project, initiated by the artist Pascal Kaisin, Emma Wojcieckowski and Raphael Bollaert, Bachelor Film students at SAE Brussels, directed and produced the video clip "Harcèlement Moral" to raise moral harassment's awareness.



Director: Emma Wojcieckowski 

During my film studies, Pascal offered me to make a video clip for his song about moral harassment.
This volunteer project touched me because we are all, one day or another, from near or far, concerned by these persecutions. I decided to write adult situations, played by children because that it is at this age that the moral harassment begins and we are more sensitive to violence against younger people. I particularly like collaborate with children because they are uninhibited and to my mind, they are more emotionally engaged and lively in there way of acting.

The choices of black and white were determined by the desire to focus on the emotions of the characters.


Producer: Raphaël Bollaert

Le challenge, pour ce projet a été de réaliser ce clip entièrement bénévolement avec 0€ de financement. En usant mes contacts, les partenariats de l’école, instituts ou entreprises, il a donc été possible de tout mettre en oeuvre. Travailler avec une direction d'enfants n'a pas été chose facile, mais cela s'est merveilleusement bien passé grâce à une bonne préparation du tournage. Chaque enfant a été une très belle rencontre, et c'est aussi grâce à leur énergie et leur motivation que la vidéo est si bien réussie. Je tiens également, à remercier toute l'équipe de tournage, qui a réalisé un excellent travail et ceux bénévolement.


Music author: Pascal Kaisin

More than 20 years in my company. New hierarchy, I was overnight worth nothing more. Greeting by a lousy evaluation to have wanted more communication and a better organization. I disturbed a lot of people. Systematic overload about other colleagues. I did not return into rows. I had to keep silent or leave while I was one of the oldest. Intimidation in the office, until giving me even a plan of improvement. Abuse of power of my superiors. I fell ill. I was not capable anymore of turning to work. Here is my story through this clip.




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