CINEMATEK : Projection students films

26 Sep 2017
1030 film réalisé par Clément Janssens



A week ago, the projection of Bachelor students' work (school year 2015-2017) was held at the CINEMATEK of Brussels. On this occasion, three movies were projected:

Le truc c'est quoi ? C'est que...

By opening the chest of his car, Gilles, the priest of the village, did not expect to fall on two secret travelers, a 
cyclist and a "daddy's boy", both in a dirty state. These three men discuss over a drink, in a bar, and try to understand how they were able to arrive there.

Director: Guilheaume Mesplede
Producer: Clément Janssens


Synopsis : 
One evening at dinner, Lilou, six years old, spills her plate of soup over. His father, exceeded leaves the house. 

Director: Emma Wojcieckowski
Producer: Alexandre Henry



Nino is a young man living in Schaerbeek with his mother from whom he is rather distant. When he doesn't play golf, Nino is dealing with drugs within a gang managed by Wolfgang. Nino's everyday changes when Wolfgang asks him to train a recruit, Rayan.

Director: Clément Janssens
Producer: Guilheaume Mesplede

For each film, before the screening, the team will present their project, explain how they get inspired and all of this in front of a room made up of the staff SAE, actors, family, friends ... And a jury of professionals composed of 8 people:

  • Guillaume Senez - Scriptwriter- Realisator 
  • Matthieu Reynart - Scriptwriter - Script doctor - Realisator
  • Anne-Françoise Reynders - Distributor - Agence du court métrage
  • Sébastien Petit - Scriptwriter - Realisator 
  • David Mathy - Head of Film Department 
  • Manu Decarpentrie - Photography Director 
  • Frédéric Clou - Actor
  • Kito Isimba - Campus Academic Coordinator


Congratulations to our students for this great work!