Campus Showreel Project - Making Of

02 Aug 2018
Campus Showreel Project - Making Of



It was the summer when SAE Brussels students & staff were busy supporting the operation « Campus Showreel ».

A showreel is a short promotional film that showcases the work of an Actor, Artist or in our case: OUR creative CAMPUS. Discover our Showreel and tell us if it gives you the good vibes to come and feel what it would be if you were an SAE student!

Adrenaline and excitement kept 10 students energized as they worked hard!
Woke up SO earlier! Campus appointment: 5.45 am.
Breakfast set-up. (Coffee, tee, Cecemel: OF COURSE. Couque=Croissant ;) …)
Then, direction to Place Flagey.
Ready To Shot: 6 am. 
2 Long hours between sun and rain. Obviously yesterday it was sunny.

Current students across film and audio programs their own role to show across the video their daily life as a Creative Student.

We are extremely proud of our students and the opportunities to show through our wide network the work that students accomplish every day in our campus. 

Thanks to: Sara: Bachelor Film Student | Gilles: EMP Student | Diana: Bachelor Audio Student | Alix: Digital Video Certificate Student | Vanessa: Bachelor Film Student | Dylan: Bachelor Film Student | Héloïse: Bachelor Film Student | Romano: Bachelor Audio Student | Keir: Bachelor Film Student | Kevin: Bachelor Audio Student | Remi: Bachelor Film Student 

Indeed, your time as an SAE student prepares you for the real world as our program are hands-on focus. The teaching and support staff provide you all the necessary tools for your success in the Creative Industries.

SAE Brussels offers 2 Masters programs and 5 Certificates (short program-4 months) in the Film & Audio field. If you are interested in learning more about the programs on offer, or the facilities on campus, do not hesitate to let Cristina Trifu - your study advisor - know, in case you have questions or you wish to enroll, by merely sending her an email