"SAE will give you the best foundation ... to enable you to achieve whatever you want to become"

Using the vital techniques and industry acumen gained through his studies at SAE, Urwin has gone on to form his own studio Crozzroads, developing mobile applications and commercials for national and internationally respected brands. Specialising in the production of 3D animations and augmented reality, Urwin’s agency covers everything to bring a project in its first stages of inception right through to execution, from initial storyboarding, to the final graphics and compositing. Always pushing the boundaries of animation and the technology Crozzroads uses to bring his clients visions to life, he enjoys the entire creative process, taking pleasure from the fact that his clients are varied resulting in the stimulation of his imagination on a daily basis. R&D is an essential part of the agency’s role and staying abreast of the latest developments in technology is key to giving a brilliant service to their clients, his training at SAE Institute stood him in good stead for every aspect of industry life.

“What I really loved about SAE Institute was the hands-on approach to learning. I knew that I wanted to start my own company and I needed to have full knowledge of all of the disciplines to be able to convert that into a full service for my potential clients whilst leading my team with confidence. That is exactly what I have achieved. SAE will give you the best foundation of knowledge to enable you to achieve whatever you want to become. But at the end of the day it’s always up to you. You must work hard to find your passion and really apply yourself.”