"SAE did a good job of getting in reps from successful VFX companies, showing off their company reel and talking about what they do"

SAE alumnus Billy Butler is a Lead Modeler at Framestore, London, United Kingdom. He has built an exceptional list of achievements, working on movies such as ‘Changeling’, ‘Legend of the Guardian’ and ‘Suckerpunch’. Most recently, Billy was part of the team that won a BAFTA and an Academy Award for the film ‘Gravity’.

“It was Pixar’s short film ‘The Adventures Of Andre and Wally B’ that really inspired me to want to be a 3D Artist. During high school there was very little information on 3D Animation and I was told that if I wanted to go down that path that I’d have to be exceptionally good at math, which wasn't true. Now the tools for 3D are becoming so good that anyone can pick it up and learn quickly.”