"If you discover yourself and your individualism then you can bring something new and unique to the world."

Nicholas studied as a production assistant, first for six months with SAE Institute before embarking on his full degree training as a Sound Engineer. After acquiring an internship for three months with StudioTime, he worked hard to make himself indispensable to the team, who hired him straight after the internship ended. After working his way up, learning all aspects of how the studio work comes together, he is now in charge of all production work made by the studio.

But that wasn’t enough for Nicolas, extremely passionate about music composition he sent off demo after demo to potential producers before catching a break into the world of composition as well. Now he also spends his time composing pieces for advertisements with a keen interest to work on scores for big film productions.

“Although I was doing a lot of music related jobs before my studies, SAE really structured and built my knowledge of recording and mixing. It is because of them that I found a job that I absolutely love at StudioTime and also because of them that I have met the right industry people responsible for bringing my compositions to life. I would advise all students to learn as much as they can surrounding the main job, such as other languages, Photoshop etc, because when you graduate, future employers can be multinational and a sound engineer with triple the life skills of the regular applicant is rare.”