"Take advantage of it because the time flies by so quickly"

Jackson’s first love was photography and it was rare for him to be separated from his camera. Little by little the progression into filmmaking occurred which felt natural to him, shooting a lot initially on a good DSLR. With a goal to set up his own production company, Erimus was born one month into his training at SAE Institute with another like-minded fellow student. Studying and gleaning all of the necessary skills and equipment to get started in the industry, filming and working meant that by the time they had graduated, they had already practiced their craft to a commercial standard across a variety of mediums. Jackson enjoys lecturing at SAE Institute and sharing his passion with new students, and spends his time writing and filming whenever he can.

“There’s probably never going to be another point in your life when this level of equipment is so readily available for you to use so get in the studios and start learning every single aspect of it, the lecturers encourage this as much as possible and are always around to help. Take advantage of it because the time flies by so quickly and you need to be a pro with a kick ass portfolio by the time you leave.”