Find out what happened during the Masterclass Tape Calibration!

04 Apr 2018
Masterclass Tape Calibration

Tape Calibration


How master in Tape Calibration:

Staf Verbeeck, sound engineer, has worked with lots of amazing artists such as Selah Sue, Calexico, BRNS, Melanie De Biasio, Diabo Blvd… It was during a workshop and exclusively at SAE Brussels that Staf, master of tape calibration, explained us everything about this "funky" but still often used way of recording.

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About Staf Verbeeck:

"Exploring sound has kept me busy for most of my life. One of the great things about my job is that it never ends. I keep learning and discovering new sounds and techniques. During my years as an engineer, I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing artists who have helped me develop my personal view on sound and performance. I love experimenting with sounds. Every artist or band is unique and I make every effort to contain that uniqueness and bring out the best in their music. I like adding contrast to keep the listener’s attention. Though balance of frequency is essential, I find that balance of energy is more important.”

About Staf Verbeeck: HERE!




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