Alumni Convention 2

SAE Alumni Convention 2012 turned out to be a mega event

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29th October 2012

Supported by blue skies and sunny weather the 8. SAE Alumni Convention held on 18. and 19. October managed to attract 2'500 Visitors to the SAE Campus in Berlin. 70 top-class seminars, lectures and workshops covering the most important areas of creative media drew the crowd to this popular venue.But also the exhibition part, which allowed 80 leading brand manufacturers of audio/broadcast, multimedia and game design equipment to present their products and solutions to a highly interested crowd, made sure to leave a lasting impression.

The first half of the legendary Convention Party at the Fritz Club was dedicated to handing out the SAE-Alumni- and SAE-Junior-Awards to the most remarkable productions of the year. In the end the creative community of modern media students and professionals took part in the biggest and most successful SAE Alumni Convention so far. See you again in 2013 - then for the first time in Amsterdam.