SAE Games Graduates Found Pipedream Games

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6th March 2013

In September 2012 Philipp Hellmann and Felix Klakow took the leap to self-employment and founded the mobile gaming company Pipedream Games Ltd. The first game of Pipedream Games “Memotion” is now available for iPad in the App store; the iPhone version is currently under development. Hellmann and Klakow laid the basis for their professional future in the gaming industry at the SAE Institute in Munich and after several years of practical experience in the industry they decided to start their own business.

Everything began with their “Games” education at the SAE Institute in Munich. Hellmann started at the SAE in 2004 and obtained his first degree after one and a half years, followed by a Bachelor of Arts Honours Interactive Animation. Hellmann stayed at the SAE Institute and became a Supervisor. In addition he freelanced for various gaming companies. Since 2008 Hellmann is the Head Instructor of the “Games“ department at the SAE Institute Munich.

While Hellmann was completing his training in graphics, Klakow decided to pursue game programming and started on this path at the SAE in 2005 with his first “Game Programming“ course at the SAE Institute Munich. Even before his education he was active in software development, expanded his abilities and also focused, like Hellmann, on finding important ties to and connections with the industry.

According to their CV, their roles at Pipedream Games are clearly defined: Hellmann is the specialist for everything related to graphics; Klakow is the Head of Development and the Code Master. Together they pursue clear goals with Pipedream Games. Hellmann says, “We want to develop good 3D games for mobile platforms with our own technology. The first priority for us is gameplay. Our first game “Memotion” is in 2D and a kind of intermediate step to further advance our Engine. In the long-run, however, we will focus on 3“, Klakow adds, “We started with the development for iOS iPad and are currently working on the iPhone version of “Memotion”. Further versions for platforms such as Windows Mobile and Android are planned."

Further information about Pipedream Games can be found at www.pipedream-games.com