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4th March 2013

During these two years in SAE Institute Mexico, we pride ourselves in finding truly talented people, with incredible musical productions and interesting proposals. We are absolutely certain that there is a lot of talent worldwide. We would like to invite the SAE Institute Community to share and create work through our new record label and platform: “Resonancia Records”.

“Resonancia Records” is a promotional platform for musical productions created by students, faculty and staff members from SAE Institute. The main propose of this label is to promote SAE´s Community talent and to get their musical productions shared and distributed thought our own platform.

“Resonance Records” is looking forward to generate professional grade work, including all the aspects required by industry standars: mixing, mastering, designing, promotion, contract management, digital distribution and showcase presentation.

Members of the SAE Institute Community worldwide will have the opportunity to submit their best musical productions through "Resonance Records" with the capability to perform, compile, promote and distribute their talent.