Course Overview

Degrees are only available at SAE Institutes, which are "Approved Degree Granting" centers. Visit the local campus website for full information. The masters qualification is offered through SAEOnLine, for further information on this please visit http://saeonline.com

Today, more than ever before, solid training, careful practise and creative thinking will give you the edge in the competitive media industry. These qualities are the hallmarks of our program; and the main reason why students choose to study at SAE Institute. We offer innovative teaching techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and a complete package of courses. Above all, all of our graduates have the large international SAE Institute network to support them in finding employment and making contacts within the industry. Our qualifications enjoy world-wide recognition and acceptance.

SAE Institute offers a range of media courses including: Audio Engineering Courses, Filmmaking Courses, Electronic Music Production Courses, Multimedia and Web Design Courses, Games Programming Courses, Animation Courses and Music Business Courses.

All SAE Institutes are equipped with the best equipment and are only available for use by our students.

Course Overview

Please visit the local campus pages for more detailed information about the offered courses.


Audio Engineering Program

The Diploma of Audio Engineering is your backstage pass to the career you've always dreamed of. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned amateur, our Diploma of Audio Engineering will give you the technical skills, insider knowledge and industry contacts to forge a successful career in music business.

Music Business Diploma

Passionate about the entertainment industry, but prefer to stay out of the limelight? Rather be a bigwig than a big-name? Why not make a career out of the business of entertainment?


Webdesign & Development Program

Learn from industry professionals, and master the software and process skills required to create and manipulate 2D & 3D graphics, to author CD-ROMs & DVDs, and to design & develop websites and web applications.


Digital Film & VFX Program

Fanatical about film? Set on working 'on set'? Capture a career in film by learning from the best...

The Diploma of Filmmaking puts you ahead of the times, behind the scenes. Hollywood or hard-hitting documentary, independent downloadable film-noir or corporate promotional DVD

3D Animation

Does animation mean more than just cartoons to you? Are you quietly confident that computer animation will take the place of traditional film-making in your lifetime? Want to play a part in that revolution?


Games Programming

SAE Institute is the leading private provider of education for the games industry. The college's animation and game design degree and diploma courses have been developed in consultation with the industry to ensure Qantm's students have the best opportunity to meet needs of employers and the industry.

Cross Media / Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism Program

Journalism – A Profession in Transition

Modern journalists are expected to deliver much more than the traditional editorial work. Blogging and video reports have become daily tasks for roughly half of all journalists today, and this tendency is increasing.

Short Courses

Short Courses

SAE Institute has a number of short courses available at different locations and online. Please visit the local websites for more details.