Games Programming

"SAE didn't just teach me, they taught me to teach myself."

Rob Turner // Software Developer Engineer, Microsoft Studios - Test

Games Programming Diploma

Games Programming - We Play Seriously!

Love playing games? Why not turn your fun into a prosperous career?

SAE Institute is the leading private provider of education for the games industry. The college's animation and game design degree and diploma courses have been developed in consultation with the industry to ensure Qantm's students have the best opportunity to meet needs of employers and the industry.

SAE Institute's Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, has majors in Games Programming courses and Animation courses preparing graduates to undertake operational, developmental and managerial roles within the interactive entertainment industry.

SAE Institute has powerful industry links with some of the world's leading game companies, such as Krome Studios and provides a strong 'hands on' practical teaching approach with industry experienced teachers supported by an exciting theoretical curriculum designed to expand and heighten the student's understanding.

Games Programming Career Options
  • Test Manager/Tester
  • Games Designer
  • Game Director
  • Character Designer
  • Game Design Studio Manager
  • Scenario Planning
  • Control Developer
  • Character Profiler

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Games Programming*

Advanced gaming - We play seriously!

Want to create the next chapter and create the game millions of people will play? Then you need an games degree which is more than the ordinary. Our Game Design Degree is cutting edge in every respect; cutting edge theory and technology, and cutting edge analysis of industry and culture. It endows you with technological expertise to create highly sophisticated gaming engines, animations and the comprehensive understanding of market.

A degree is a standard of education that you can take with you throughout various careers ensuring your future security.

The BSc Hons Games Programming Degree is validated by Middlesex University.

The degree programme is not available at all locations.

Master of Arts/Science Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries)*

With this work-based learning programme a student qualifies him/herself and specializes while continuing his/her regular work. Since 2003 SAE offers a particularly practice-oriented possibility of achieving the academic degree Master of Arts/Master of Science, which is accredited by Middlesex University in London.

The goal of the programme is specialization within the respective field, achieving experience in independent academic work as well as qualifying for higher executive positions, and to further academic learning.

The SAE Master programme is distinguished by great flexibility and knowledge of the industry. It is coordinated by experienced academic staff members.

Further information can be found here: http://online.sae.edu/school/courses/masters

* validated by Middlesex University, London

What makes SAE Institute the best choice for games programming?

  • Balance of practical & theory - You'll benefit from a tried-and-tested combination of formal lectures, practical workshops, competency assignments, and creative projects.
  • Cutting edge equipment and software - We're a global organisation with the budget and purchasing power to offer the most advanced technologies available.
  • Accelerated learning - You'll learn fast and graduate fast. You'll be diploma-qualified and career-ready in less than a year.
  • Recognised qualification - We've been operating for more than 30 years your diploma is government and industry recognised around the world.
  • Schools around the world - With over 50 global locations, you can tailor your studies to the country, industry and lifestyle of your choice.

Sound good? For more course information and list of subjects, please go to the SAE Institute of your choice.

For more information about the Middlesex validated degrees and the student's entitlements, download this document.

* Validated by Middlesex University, London. Degrees are ONLY issued by approved degree centers. Contact your local campus for full details.