Digital Film & VFX Program

"It has given me a thorough understanding of film and new media production."

Djonny Chen // Award Winning Director and Cinematographer

Digital Film & VFX Diploma

Filmmaking - Capture your career!

Fanatical about film? Set on working 'on set'? Capture a career in film by learning from the best...

The Diploma of Filmmaking puts you ahead of the times, behind the scenes. Hollywood or hard-hitting documentary, independent downloadable film-noir or corporate promotional DVD.

Whatever your film ambition, our Diploma of Filmmaking will give you the skills required of a TV & film professional in a world of media convergence and digital dominance.

Filmmaking Career Options
  • Director/Assistant Director
  • Production Designer
  • Editor
  • Scriptwriter
  • Producer
  • Line Producer
  • Camera Operator
  • Best Boy
  • Lighting Operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Visual FX
  • DVD Author

Look good? For more course information and list of subjects, please go to the SAE Institute of your choice.

Bachelor of Arts/Science (Honours), Digital Film Making*

Advanced digital film making - Advance your career

The finest films come from the finest minds - from people with an intimate understanding of the dialogue between film and audience, practitioner and industry, and practitioner and technology.

The BA/BSc Hons Digital Film Making Degree (validated by Middlesex University) gives you that understanding. It goes beyond the mere mechanics of direction and production, and delves into the complexities of creating a meaningful communication vehicle by analysing the technological, operational and cultural constraints of modern digital film making and promotion.

A degree is a standard of education that you can take with you throughout various careers ensuring your future security.

The BA/BSc Hons Digital Film Making Degree is validated by Middlesex University.

The degree program is not availalable at all locations.

* validated by Middlesex Universit├Ąt, London

Filmmaking Degree Career Options
  • Executive producer
  • Production executive
  • Editor
  • Industry professional manager
  • Producer
  • Line Producer
  • Account executive
  • Film marketing executive
  • Lighting Operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Visual FX
  • DVD Author

Look good? For more course information and list of subjects, please go to the SAE Institute of your choice.

Master of Arts/Master of Science Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries)*

With this work-based learning programme a student qualifies him/herself and specializes while continuing his/her regular work. Since 2003 SAE offers a particularly practice-oriented possibility of achieving the academic degree Master of Arts/Master of Science, which is accredited by Middlesex University in London.

The goal of the programme is specialization within the respective field, achieving experience in independent academic work as well as qualifying for higher executive positions, and to further academic learning.

The SAE Master programme is distinguished by great flexibility and knowledge of the industry. It is coordinated by experienced academic staff members.

Further information can be found here: http://online.sae.edu/school/courses/masters

* validated by Middlesex University, London

What makes SAE Institute the best choice for filmmaking?

  • Individual practical time - Something no other course can offer! Only SAE Institute gives you the individual practical time you need to grasp the ever-increasing skill set required to work with and understand countless technologies and techniques used in modern film making.
  • Balance of practical & theory - You'll benefit from a tried-and-tested combination of formal lectures, practical workshops, competency assignments, guest lectures and creative film projects.
  • Cutting edge equipment and software - Because we are a global organization our students benefit from our vast equipment purchasing power, always providing our students with access to the latest digital film making equipment.
  • Accelerated learning - You'll learn fast and graduate fast. You'll be diploma-qualified and career-ready in less than a year.
  • Recognised qualification - We've been operating for more than 30 years; your diploma is government and industry recognised around the world.
  • Schools around the world - With over 50 global locations (and still growing), you can tailor your studies to the country, industry and lifestyle of your choice.

* validated by Middlesex University, London