Strategic Vision

1. Vision

To be the world leader in private post-secondary education for creative media technologies.

2. Mission

  • We provide specialist vocational and higher education courses worldwide to inspire and develop our graduates.
  • Our courses emphasise practical experience and the needs of students and industry.
  • Our students access the latest knowledge and outstanding facilities to enhance their skills.
  • We are globally networked as a professional community in creative media.

3. Organisational values

We value:

  • Commitment to professional excellence: in learning and teaching; creative development; and student support
  • A culture of creativity and innovation
  • Teamwork and collegiality
  • A global perspective with respect for individual differences and diverse cultures
  • The application of technical mastery and analytical skill to working environments
  • Entrepreneurialism to achieve sustainable growth
  • Open intellectual enquiry and lifelong learning.

4. Strategic Priorities 2010-2014

Our five strategic priorities are:

  1. Excellence in our courses and the quality of the student experience.
  2. Students are supported to achieve industry-relevant skills and employment.
  3. Sustainable organisational growth and development.
  4. Making our global links benefit students, staff and the Institute.
  5. Commitment to quality, efficiency and improvement in all our operations.