Workshop: Preparing for the 48h Film Project

17 Jul 2019
19:00 to 22:00
17 Jul

Workshop: Preparing for the 48h Film Project

The workshop will cover three main topics:

  1. Prepare for the unknown
  2. Embrace the process
  3. Slow down to go faster

The 48HFP is a weekend devoted to creativity, flexibility and organisation. For many, this results in a hectic and stressful weekend with very little sleep and high tension. This is not necessary and usually not the best recipe for success. This workshop aims to provide insights and tools into making sure you get the most out of your 48HFP weekend.

Kristjan Knigge Bio:

Kristjan has worked professionally all over the world as camera crew, art department. He has experience as a production manager, in the electrical unit, grip, in special effects, editing and as 1st Assistant Director. In 2004 he took the plunge and decided to direct. To date he has made many commercials, corporate films, music videos, a full-length documentary, over a dozen short films and three feature films. Kristjan is a 48 Hour Film Project veteran, having taken part over a dozen times in various cities and countries. He competed for the first time at the inaugural 48HFP in Amsterdam in 2007. He has also sat on the 48HFP jury five times. He has been a lecturer at SAE since 2017.