Workshop: Jamahook

27 Sep 2018
19:00 to 20:30
27 Sep

Workshop: Jamahook 

Jamahook is an innovative project with a big impact on the workflow of every producer, musician or artist. Behind Jamahook is a team of music producers, technology gurus and industry experts that together with Fraunhofer IDMT (inventors of mp3) created a unique and powerful sound-matching algorithm for complementing music productions.

The technology covers four main attributes: key/harmony, tempo/bpm, rhythm and mood/timbre and the way it works is pretty simple. The user can choose a reference track or record an instrument directly to Jamahook and the algorithm detects what other instruments complement the reference track.  

Learn more about a new and exciting music platform and find new creative ways to make music in the Jamahook Workshop.

More Info: Jamahook