Production Masterclass: Camiel Daamen

12 Sep 2019
19:00 to 22:00
12 Sep

Production Masterclass: Camiel Daamen

International DJ/Producer and SAE Instructor Camiel Daamen talks approach to creating a new song from scratch in Ableton Live. Where do you start and what is the optimal workflow?

Camiel will discuss the Ableton interface, devices and instruments, audio effects and midi effects and demonstrate different approaches to building a track from both a creative and technical perspective. The workshop will be concluded with a Q&A session.

This workshop is entry-level and no prior knowledge is required. 

Camiel Daamen Bio

Camiel Daamen is known for his live and DJ-sets. Versatile, often heavy on the groove, including lots of percussive and jazzy elements along the way. His sound is hard to pigeonhole as he creates house grooves just as easy as techno bangers or dub soundscapes. Happy or sad, driving or relaxing it all permits to his versatile sound, like his personality. Energetic, emotional and always smiling. So far Camiel released music on Viva Music, Serkal Music, Inmotion, Act Natural, Arupa Music, Tzinah, Deep Tech, Cervidae Recordings, Soulman Music, Inhouse Records, Eklektisch, Morgen.AM, Natural Rhythm, Flash Recordings and yes even many more. He played infamous clubs like Studio 80, Paradigm, Air, Kater, Wilde Renate. His live sets have been traveling through various countries in Europe ranging from Germany to England, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Malta, and Ibiza. Besides his artist endeavors, he is one of the founding fathers of Dancefair. An event in Holland for aspiring producers and DJs that have 5000 people attending every year. He helped set up the event in the first year and still is involved by doing masterclasses there every year. He runs a music school in Groningen called Lessons In Live. Often you’ll find him sharing his ideas about making music in Holland and abroad. He’s an in-demand speaker for events and organizations like Dancefair, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sound Education and the SAE Institute Amsterdam. Talking about his 20 years of experience in music production, live performance, and workflow. More releases are coming in 2018 expressing his diverse sound, as music is art, and art is freedom.