Online Open Class: introduction to music publishing

25 Nov 2021
17:30 to 19:00
Online Open Class: introduction to music publishing
25 Nov

We are inviting you to make your first step towards the business of music with our Open Class (new Music Business Certificate class starts in January 2022).

Online Open Class: introduction to music publishing

Thursday 25th November | 17:30 - 19:00

Among all the professional roles in the music industry, the Music Publisher is definitely the most mysterious and, at the same time, the most essential: What do they do? Why are they so important? How the changes in the music industry are affecting this role and why is it going to become even more crucial in the future? During this entry-level open class, SAE Head Lecturer of the Music Business Certificate, Ewout van der Linden, will answer to these and other relevant questions about publishing, one of the core subjects of the music business.

We will also guide you through our Music Business Certificate course with a short presentation.

The event will take place on Zoom. You can also invite your friends or your family to participate. Register using the form below in order to receive the link for the event and our virtual class.



About the Lecturer
After graduating from Erasmus University, Ewout van der Linden probably had the weirdest career in music. Starting as a publisher in classical music, then becoming a promoter of jazz and pop concerts, then becoming the statistics man for Music Centre of The Netherlands. At this moment Ewout is using his vast knowledge about all sides and genres of the music business at Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts and SAE Institute as an instructor and coordinator, making sure all students know what’s going on in this fast moving business. His main focus of research is monetisation and marketing in music and entertainment. Ewout is the owner of Music Motion and he organises "Music Pitch" network meetings and music business workshops.

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