Masterclass: Fundamentals of 2D Game Art

24 Mar 2018
14:30 to 15:30
24 Mar

Masterclass: Fundamentals of 2D Game Art

Do you want to take your Game Art skills to the next level? Learn how to create amazing 2D artwork by learning the fundamental techniques to lift your 3D models to the next level. Learn how to adapt knowledge through efficiently studying portraits, anatomy, nature, and architecture, and place the pieces together in your own art.

Joel Holtzman Bio:

Joel Holtzman is a Concept Artist and Illustrator based in the Netherlands. With a passion for art since a young age, around his twenties, he began to paint more intensely with acrylics and oils, until he found his favorite medium which he uses to this day as a professional artist; Digital painting. His greatest influences are fantasy, mythology, history and the grotesque. Joel recently gave a masterclass on concept art drawing on the Gaming Stage of the Dutch Comic Con.

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