Specialise in 2D and 3D animations, nurture your creativity into life and transform your ideas into reality.


Game Animation Diploma

As a student of SAE’s brand new, 3-year diploma course, you will learn to create animations that contribute to the gameplay, storytelling and bring to life the characters and environments in order to add an extra dimension to the game. The skills you will acquire during this course, together with the portfolio you will be creating throughout it, will prove fundamental during your first steps into the game industry. 

Your Instructors

Dennis Boersma
Dennis Boersma is very driven with everything that has to do with games. He is the head lecturer of the Games & Animation departments and he also plays an important peer role in the curriculum development team. Any information that relates to games and computers he absorbs through (brain) osmosis thereby having a vast library of information on what you can do with them, how to make them and how to train students to become the best game makers. He does this best by teaching the students, specializing in topics in 3ds Max, Unity 3D, C#, Java, Photoshop. He teaches with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and humor and is always looking for some course feedback. This way he stays in continuous connection with the students, what they've learned and how they are picking up the course content. Besides working for SAE he works for other companies and works on extensive personal projects, so he can have an outlet for his creativity and put his knowledge into practice. Last but not least, Dennis is a Unity Certified Trainer. 
Peer Lemmers
Peer was born in Kristiansand, Norway, although both of his parents are of Dutch origins. At the age of seven, he set out with his family on a 35-foot sailing boat where he spent the next two years traveling through the Caribbean, Middle, and South America. It was during these long sea crossings that he started drawing and making up his own little worlds to entertain his younger brother. After returning to Holland, he attended the high school where he spent most of his time drawing on textbooks and creating caricatures from teaching staff and the vice principal. It was then that he realised that he wants to become a cartoonist or animator, however, it was not until his mid-20s that he got the opportunity to attend the first and only cartoon school in Amsterdam. In 2006, he moves to the Bahamas and joins the Animator Mentor program as a student to broaden his animation skills. Soon afterward, he gets a chance to work on some great projects for world renowned studios such as Rare, ReelFX, Tippett Studio, Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks, Image Engine, Double Negative, Guerrilla Games, etc.
Julia Schlotter
Julia works at SAE as a Game Art Animation teacher and student administrator. In her function as teacher, she lays the basis for 3ds Max (Autodesk) and Photoshop (Adobe). In her free time, she likes to take on freelance assignments, preferably working on apps that require the 3D visualization of interiors and exteriors. She tends to work with new techniques such as AR, VR, and walking displays as well as with old techniques, such as making paintings come to life digitally or by appifying books. In her job as a student administrator, she's very busy but can always help you out to provide a financial overview or proof of attendance or anything else you might require. Before coming to SAE she attended the Willem de Kooning for an introductory course into arts, followed by nearly three years of study at the Design Lab of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she first got in contact with a 3D modeling software. Shortly thereafter a course in game making followed, leading to where she is now.
Andrew Eddy
Andrew has been teaching 3d Graphics and Animation at the SAE since 2001, originally using Cinema4d and then changing to Autodesk Maya about ten years ago. Outside of teaching Andrew also does website design and development with clients mainly coming from the creative world. He specializes in creating custom content management systems as well as interactive online applications. In 2007, Andrew became involved in a project on the NDSM-Werf Amsterdam where artists were given the chance to design and build their own studios in the old shipyard. Over the following year he built a studio where he is working from today.
Solkin Keizer
Based in Amsterdam, Solkin Keizer works as an Art Director in the fields of film, theatre, fashion and SFX. She specializes in designing spatial experiences that function in the intersection between digital and physical media. Her work has been featured in Architectural digest, Les temps and Amsterdam Fashion Week amongst others. After training as a classical painter in Florence she rounded up her BA in Film and Theater Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Later on completing a MA in interactive media at the Haute École d’art et de design in Geneva. She sees her foundation in classical painting (and later on digital painting) as a crucial point of departure into different software and disciplines. Having a strong drawing and painting foundation is an essential tool that will enable you to train your eye, explore ideas and put them into use in the fields of concept art, animation, film or interactive design.


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SAE Institute is creating across Europe a powerful community of students, lecturers and professionals with one mission... #CreateGames. The campuses of Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, and Athens collaborated closely and designed with an elite team of specialists in games production and education, study programs for Game Art, Game Design, Games Programming and Game Animation based on the current, international industry standards. 

How does it feel to be in a games production team as a student? What will be your role? Discover the games education world of SAE Institute with our mini-documentary "Inside Games Education".





  • 3 YEARS

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This programme was developed by industry experts and education specialists.

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Study Path
With a mix of vocational lessons and workshops, SAE Amsterdam offers a creative and dynamic learning environment that allows our students to understand the different elements within the complete production chain. While at the same time offering them a chance to specialize their desired craft in the second and third year.

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1st Year: Foundation
Start learning basic 2D and 3D computer graphics, game design concepts and work in groups to create games with the industry standard game engines.
• Game Design Basics
• Psychology of Games
• History and Culture of Games
• Art Theory & Drawing
• Project Portfolio I : Board Game
• Natural Phenomena
• Game Production and Development
• Visual Design and Foundation of Animation
• Game Engines and Tools
• Project Portfolio II: Digital Game
2nd Year
Game Animation Specialisation I 
• Principles of Body Mechanics
• Advanced Body Mechanics
• Pantomime Acting
• Animation Set
• Character Navigation
• Character Behavior 
3rd Year
Game Animation Specialisation II
• Creature Animation
• Facial Animation
• Motion Capture
• Portfolio Production 
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required prior to enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.
  • Applicants have achieved an intermediate education level
  • Language skills: English equivalent to B2 (CEFR)
Fees & Funding



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Note: For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required prior to enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.


Within the powerful Games Industry in the Netherlands and all over the world, graduates from this course have many career options and employment destinations which include:
• 3D Character Animator
• 3D Creature Animator
• Facial Expression 3D Animator
• Motion Capture Animator

This programme was developed and is delivered and assessed by SAE Institute, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University. Students will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion of their studies. Following successful completion of the first 3 academic terms, students may be eligible to obtain an RPL (recognition of prior learning) of 180 University Credits and enrol in a programme (3 academic terms) validated by Middlesex University to study towards a BA/BSc Honours degree. SAE Institute reserves the right to make revisions and changes to the information presented in line with continuous improvement actions, and stakeholder feedback.