Content Creation

Content Creation & Online Marketing Course

Study Content Creation and Online Marketing to develop online content that connects with audiences and meets business needs. With modules focusing on photography, videography, podcasting, online marketing and communications, you will be able to hone your craft to competitively enter one of the most dynamic and developing industries.
16 months
Content Creation & Online Marketing Course
Course Duration
16 months
Start Date(s)
September 2024
Content Creation & Online Marketing Course
Start Dates
  • September 2024

Entry Requirements
Content Creation & Online Marketing Course
Domestic Entry Requirements
Domestic students must meet the following criteria:
Advanced Diploma entry
Minimum age of 18 years
For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required before enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.
Applicants must have achieved an intermediate level of education
English language skills: minimum TOEFL score of 80, or, minimum IELTS score of 6,5 (or equivalent)
Content Creation & Online Marketing Course
International Entry Requirements
Non-EU Applicants
For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required before enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.
Content Creation & Online Marketing Course
Domestic Fees

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Practical, immersive training Practical skills are vital. Our learning approach is a blend of vocational and academic from day one.
Creative collaboration Work on projects with songwriters, designers, game developers, filmmakers and animators.
Expand your career Graduate with a portfolio, work experience, employability and entrepreneurial skills and a network of fellow creatives.

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Tools & Software

Content Creation & Online Marketing course covers:

Storytelling Journalism Communication Surveying and Interviewing Podcasting Audio Editing and Publishing Sound Branding Photography Video Editing and Publishing Digital Image Editing Web Design and Publishing Post-production Writing for Social Media

Content Creation & Online Marketing Degree Course Structure

Trimester 1
You will begin your learning journey by developing fundamental knowledge and invaluable skills in Content Creation and Online Marketing that will provide the foundations for future modules.
User experience, content management and search engine optimisation are addressed, focusing on writing and creating content for web distribution and publishing. You will build skills in creating multimedia content, learn how to set up a content management system and modify it to current user experience and design guidelines.

Topics include:

  • User Experience Design

  • Web Design Basics (HTML/CSS)

  • Layout (Online/Offline)

  • Web Publishing Content Management Systems

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Writing for Social Media

  • Project Management Basics
This module addresses fundamental aspects of journalism, storytelling and communication, focusing on photographic storytelling. You will learn the basic skills of composing and editing digital images and the principles of visual language. The module is underpinned by core learning around intellectual property and copyright within creative media.

Topics include:

  • Storytelling

  • Knowing your Audience

  • Principles of Design

  • Composition and Photography

  • Digital Image Editing

  • Concept and Pre-Production

  • Writing Styles

  • Intellectual Property and Copyright

Trimester 2
Throughout the second teaching term, you will broaden your scope to work on more complex multidisciplinary projects in accordance with industry-standard practices.
Audio Interviews and Podcasting will enable you to prepare and facilitate interviews, as well as produce and publish content, with a particular focus on podcasting. You will develop an understanding of the language and techniques used by interviewers, how to prepare content for publishing on the web, and the effective use of post-production tools for editing.

Topics include:

  • Surveying and Interviewing

  • Digital Audio Formats

  • Audio Editing

  • Field Recording

  • Post-production

  • Audio Publishing

  • Podcasting

  • Sound Branding

  • Media Ethics

  • The culmination of Level 4, ‘Video Production,’ builds on fundamentals already explored in photography, web and audio. With a focus on identifying and using video production styles and conducting production and post-production work, you will learn the difference between several types of video production to plan and produce a video for different purposes.

    Topics include:

    • Preparing, Planning and Producing Video Content

    • Video Editing

    • Colour Grading

    • Motion Graphics

    • Video Publishing

    • Digital FIlm Fundamentals

    • Camera Operation, Scene Lighting, and Grip Operation

    • Green Screen and Keying

    • Presentation Techniques

    • Video in Social Media

    Trimester 3
    Trimester 3 introduces you to a professional working environment where you will undertake many project briefs using a project-based ‘creative studio’ approach. Creative Studios provide a practically focused approach to your education, engaging with authentic assessment activities that reflect industry practises.
    In Creative Studio 1, you will take the skills you have learned in the previous two trimesters and develop them within a professional workflow environment. You will develop a deeper understanding of integrating content within an online environment, with key considerations around audience engagement and relevant production choices.

    Topics you may explore in this trimester are:

    • Social media analytics

    • Social media optimisation

    • Ethical and legal considerations for social media

    • Compositing software

    • Digital Audio Workstation software

    • Professional Film equipment competency

    • RAW workflows

    • Professional audio equipment competency

    • Sonic branding

    Trimester 4
    This trimester will emphasise the development of your practical and technical skills within the context of collaborative projects focused on wider industry and business practice. This project (or projects) will allow you flexibility to explore and develop your chosen pathway and areas of professional interest.
    In Creative Studio 2, you will work with other disciplines within SAE and/or real-life businesses to develop online strategies and campaigns. You will continue to develop your understanding of professional equipment while engaging with different business models and the online marketing approaches these require.

    Topics you may explore in this trimester include:

    • Business models

    • Marketing plans and strategies

    • Business development strategies

    • Business and marketing legal and copyright considerations

    • Cross-discipline collaboration & management

    • Professional grading software

    • Digital Audio Workstation software

    • Advanced professional film and audio equipment

    What jobs could this course lead me into?

    • Content Creator
    • Content Editor
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Web Writer
    • Interviewer


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