Luca is an exact example of how your passion can literally shape your life. Falling in love with the movies at a young age he always knew that his future lay within the realms of film but instead of finding just one part of the industry and focussing on it, Luca has immersed himself from every angle behind the scenes in all parts of the industry, getting a buzz from each part. From editing online magazines, he is currently the Editorial Director of Best Movie, the film magazine widespread across Italy, and also for, a movie site that deals with children's films, and of YouTech, a multimedia magazine for iPad.

After graduating he designed, produced and directed Gamers, a sitcom distributed on YouTube that is now a case history worldwide with over 100 episodes. Leading on from the success of this he moved on to create, produce and direct Cinemaniacs, the first sitcom distributed to the movies, still available to view in some UCI Cinemas.

When his children were born he rediscovered his love for video games and he’s focussed on designing and developing apps for IOS: YouFable, a game for children, and Giorgia Cosplay, an app on the world of Cosplay.

Always busy, always open to ideas, Luca finds his inspiration whilst riding around Milan on his scooterino, writing songs and directing shorts with his family.