Student Finance

Course fees for UK/EU students in AY 15/16 and AY 16/17 will be £9,000 per year for our London, Liverpool and Oxford campuses.

Course fees for UK/EU students in AY 15/16 and AY 16/17 will be £7,000 per year for our Glasgow campus.


Student Finance: What funding can I get?

UK and EU students are able to apply for help with their tuition fees. Please be aware, because we are private provider, you will only receive part of the loan towards your tuition fees.

For academic year 16/17, students coming from England and also EU students can apply to Student Finance England to take out a tuition fee loan of up to £6,000 for each year of their course.

Our students will have no access to the Welsh Fee loan or funding because we are not a registered charity.

Students coming from Northern Ireland can apply for funding to study at a Private Education Institution. For more information, please visit

Scottish students can apply through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). In AY 17/18 students can apply for up to £1205 for support towards their studies. 

Maintenance Loan: Can I get help with living costs?

If you are a UK national, or if you are an EU national and have evidence of living in the UK for at least five years, you can also apply for the maintenance loan.

For further information, advice and eligibility, please visit

There are two types of maintenance loan:

  • Non-income assessed: A set amount of maintenance loan for all students in that academic year, this will be a much smaller amount than the income assessed loan.
  • Income assessed: The amount of maintenance loan you will receive will be based on household living costs, this means, if you living with your parents or guardians they will need to submit financial details.

The maintenance loan is also affected by where you live: in London or outside, and whether you will be living at home, or living by yourself during your studies.

Maintenance Grant: What funding can I get?

Please note, due to government regulations, the maintenance grant will not be available from September 2016, however you can still apply for a maintenance loan.

For applicants starting prior to September 2016, if you are from a low income household, you can also apply for the maintenance grant which you do not need to repay.

Each government body has a different maximum cap for the maintenance grant. It is important that you check on their website what the maximum income per year is for your region.

SAAS Bursary

Students resident and studying in Scotland can apply for the Young Students Bursary or the Independent Students Bursary alongside the Maintenance Loan.

You can find out more information here.

What do I need to do?

UK and EU students can apply for funding online using the website.

UK students can apply online

EU students must apply using the paper form.

What happens next?

Student Finance will assess your application, and they may ask you for more documents.

Once successfully processed you will receive a “Notification of Entitlement” Letter which will detail the amount of funding you will have for the year. You must sign and return the declaration form, as without this, Student Finance will not release the funding.

Remember, it is very important to keep all the forms you receive from Student Finance in safe place as you will need these to enrol.