SAE students are inspired by producer-songwriter Nat Powers on World Mental Health Day

18 Oct 2019

Producer-songwriter Nat Powers recently visited the SAE London and SAE Liverpool campuses to deliver an SAE Extra masterclass on the art of staying sane and surviving technology and social media in the music industry.

Nat has worked with a number of notable figures in the global music industry, including artists such as Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC, Wu-Tang Clan, D Double E, Skepta, Giggs, Pharcyde, and other artists from the Death Row Records roster. More recently he has been creating projects in Jamaica, Toronto, Barbados, Korea, as well as working on material for Janet Jackson’s next solo album. 

Nat has done public speaking and masterclasses at SAE campuses all over the world, including talks this year at SAE Zurich, Geneva, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Bochum and Frankfurt. He did a USA tour in 2017 and has also done a TED talk. His two talks at SAE coincided with World Mental Health Day on 10 October, and were two incredibly moving sessions which had a significant impact on a lot of the attendees. 

SAE Liverpool Music Business student Keith Burton said: “The Nat Powers talk was really good, offering insight into sticking to what you believe you can achieve. The main part that affected me with the talk was when he was talking about the depression and wanting to die. I too have suffered depression and been at that low point. I spoke to Nat afterwards and we spoke about that. He is such a down to earth guy and very strong minded as well. If anyone gets a chance to attend future talks they 100% should attend!” 

World Mental Health Day is an important occasion to facilitate frank and open conversations about mental health and wellbeing. The same day, SAE campuses across the country hosted ‘Tea & Talk’ drop-ins to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation, and to provide students with important access to mental health resources. 

In his talk on World Mental Health Day, Nat spoke candidly about his own struggles with his mental health, and some of the negative effects that technology and social media can have on artists. 






SAE Liverpool Audio Production student Matt Middleton said: “I found it really inspiring and he mentioned the same "mantra" that I have already, which is about making the most of opportunities before you die and that kind of thing. He made me realise how much money there is to make as a producer potentially too!” 

Nat told SAE in advance of his talks that he wanted to spark something in young people from all walks of life, and inspire them to make a change in the way they think about themselves, their mental health and their futures. He certainly seems to have inspired a lot of the students at SAE London and Liverpool! 

SAE Liverpool Audio Production student Ian Cropper said: “For myself, Nat was truly inspirational. To have gained so much, so young, then to have lost it all so frivolously, is, indeed, an adventure. But yet, to regain some of what was lost and remain in the game is true tenacious tenacity and driving spirit.” 

Even external visitors had a lot to learn from Nat and his honest outlook on the pressures individuals in the music industry may face. 

Morgan Evans, who attended the SAE London talk, said: “It was amazing to get a first hand account of Nat’s experiences and story, if you're into music and at all interested in mental health (which you should be) then I'd seriously recommend it.” 

Nat was kind enough to agree to provide all students who attended the talk with his personal email address, so they can contact him with questions and their music. 

We’re very grateful that Nat made time to visit SAE London and SAE Liverpool and speak on this incredibly important topic - and we hope to see him again soon!