SAE Glasgow Film Pitch Event

16 Jul 2018
19:00 to 23:45
16 Jul

SAE Glasgow is delighted to invite you to our exciting Pitcha Film event.

The event is being organised by SAE Glasgow 2nd year student David Ramsay. 

About the event:

What type of film pitch? Feature or short film?

Short films, feature films, television works, music videos, animation projects, etc., are all welcome, so long as each pitch runs no longer than 15 minutes. Featurettes (short films, trailers, etc) may be included but they must be no longer than 10 minutes and will not count towards presentation time. 

Who is judging the pitches? What are their credentials?

There are no judges, in the traditional sense. We are leaving feedback open to our audience who we encourage to be precise, concise and, most importantly, honest with their feedback. 

Do pitchers need to send any information prior to attending?

A brief (a couple of pages stating what they will be pitching) and any pitching materials they plan to use for their presentation. If filmmakers/producers plan on showing a video (short film, trailer, featurette), they must specify this when they register and send the video through with the rest of the pitching materials by Wednesday 11 July to
Any large files such as videos can be sent through a Google Drive link or via We Transfer. 

What is the outcome for pitchers?

This is where the networking comes in. Any producers that attend will be formally introduced during the introduction and we strongly encourage presenters to interact with them during the networking period. We will also offer some information regarding creative funding or distribution opportunities, from bodies such as Creative Scotland and Scottish Film Talent Network (SFTN). 

We look forward to seeing you there!

SAE Institute Glasgow