SAE Extra: The process of producing music and sound design for commercial advertisement

12 Nov 2018
17:30 to 19:30
12 Nov

Join Ted White, Music Producer and Media Composer, as he takes an in depth look into the world of creating music and sound design for commercial advertisement.

Ted will go through a recent commercial which he produced the music and sound design for; explaining how he went about creating the audio as well as what tools and techniques he used to aid his production.

By breaking down the original session, you will be able to see how a commercial comes to life through the music and sound design.

The masterclass will cover the following areas:

  • How to portray the brand's image through the music
  • How to stand out from the crowd with your score 
  • Dealing with Directors and Editors
  • Pleasing the client
  • The importance of sound design and foley 
  • Working under time pressure 
  • Why you should always back up the back up of the back ups.....


Starting his musical career at an early age, Ted began playing in bands and with electronics at the age of 12. It wasn't long until he found his passion for electronic music and subsequently began DJing and Producing Dance Music. Hungry to get more out of electronic music, at 18 Ted moved to New York with nothing more than a laptop and a keyboard.

One day whilst pushing CVs through studio doors in Lower Manhattan by pure chance Ted managed to score a session assisting Grammy Award-Winning Producer 'Bassy' Bob Brockman at his private studio in Brooklyn. From then on Ted began working under the wing of Bassy, prepping sessions, recording, producing and mixing.

Since then Ted has worked as a Music Producer and Media Composer out of several major studios around the world including, Studios 301 in Sydney, H.O.M.E Studios in Hamburg and Mission Sound in New York.

Currently Ted has a private studio situated in Liverpool city centre and splits his time working between Liverpool and London, as a Music Producer and Media Composer.

Most recently, Ted was awarded the Sennheiser Studio and Production Achievement award.