SAE Extra: A Masterclass from composer and producer, Rob Kelly

14 Sep 2018
14:00 to 16:00
14 Sep

SAE London is pleased to invite you to a masterclass with Rob Kelly, composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist, based at Strongroom Studios.

Join Rob as he discusses his expansive career, workinging in various positions and roles at Avid, Strongroom and Air Studios as well has is work as a freelance composer and producer. He will elaberate on the studio recording techniques for orchestral / film score music and his approach to editing and mixing.

An overview of the Chislehurst Caves project, recording threee albums of horror music in a cave, will also be explored during the masterclass.


Rob Kelly is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based at Strongroom Studios. A former director of AIR and Strongroom studios and Pro Tools product specialist with Avid Technology, Rob is an extensively experienced recording and mix engineer who has worked with many of Europe and America’s leading film and TV composers and numerous well known artists and bands. His music is published by Audio Network and is broadcast daily on TV shows around the world.