SAE Extra: Building Hyper Scale Serverless Applications and Systems with Justin Grayston

12 Feb 2019
18:00 to 19:30
12 Feb

SAE London is pleased to invite you to a masterclass with SAE Alumni and Google employee Justin Grayston.


SAE House

Masterclass description: 

During the masterclass we will be going through some of the principles, decisions and trade offs that go into building a system for scale. We will be starting with why serverless, CI/CD and SRE principles.

We will then move on to preparing your system for failure and keeping your customers happy. Finally we’ll take a look at how event driven architectures are changing approaches and practices, and the future.


After the talk, guests will have the opportunity to network with light refreshments provided. 


Originally Justin studied Audio Engineering at SAE. After a short stint at Mayfair Studios, he started creating websites for bands and acts. This turned into his own business for a few years before he joined Psycle Interactive a digital agency in the UK and Spain. He became Technical Director at Psycle Interactive.

He started using Google App Engine in late 2009. Asked by Google, to develop a custom YouTube page for Indian Premier League Cricket and faced with the expected load, GAE was a perfect choice; concentrating on the functionality and not the underlying infrastructure.

In the following years, Justin lead technical teams on many Google projects, such as custom YouTube live stream pages for the Will and Kate Royal Wedding, YT Symphony and YT Spacelab, YT IOC London Olympics and contests such as Google Science Fair.

He has an interest in both backend and frontend technologies, personally favouring Serverless backends (both http and event driven) with PWA clients.

Justin has been a Customer Engineer for Google Cloud since 2017, working with enterprises in the Telco, Media and Technology sector.