Programmer's Penthouse

29 Jun 2019
10:00 to 13:00
29 Jun

SAE London would like to invite you to Programmers’ Penthouse on Saturday 29 June, which is a daytime networking and co-working session with fellow game enthusiasts.

The event is a casual gathering of like-minded individuals, specifically games developers, who want to get together and either spend time working on their existing projects in different surroundings, or join other teams working on their own developments.

Sometimes a change in scenery is all that’s required to spark your next brilliant idea, so why not come down to SAE House and be inspired?

This event is ideal for students working on games projects who want to meet other developers and programmers to get insight and advice, and share their own experiences and ideas. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet up, network and talk shop.

Working collaboratively means more brain power, so whether you’ve hit a stumbling block in your project or are looking for a fresh pair of eyes to review your work, come along and there’s bound to be somebody who can help you out.

While the workshop is aimed at all game developers, please note that it is also focused on game programming rather than animation or VFX. Future workshops may even hold guest talks and mini-lectures.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops and chargers, please let us know in advance if they do not have one and we will organise a computer for you.