SAE Extra: Lost Tapes - Starting a Creative Agency

    Join us as we welcome Lost Tapes, for a look into their journey from freelancers to starting their own creative agency.

    This masterclass will introduce you to Lachlan and Oliver, co-founders of Lost Tapes media. They will be going through their journey starting with how they came together as freelancers and learnt together the skills they needed to bring in clients and create the business they have today.

    Starting off as a clothing company, making music videos on the side they started to shift back to the skillset they saw as 'realistic' at the time. They will talk about the lessons they learnt at this time came to help them with being more logical when it came to running a production agency.

    You will also hear from them as to what they are doing now as a production agency, how they got through the last year and where they plan to be going in 2021.

    This will be followed by Q&A.