An introduction into 360 + 180 VR video production with Melody VR

    MelodyVR are bringing music fans a completely new way to experience the music they love, by allowing them to transport themselves inside huge live performances. The company visited SAE London to deliver a dynamic SAE Masterclass exploring the technology used to shoot 360 and 180 VR content.

    Matt Williams, the Technical Production Manager at MelodyVR,  focused on some of the different hurdles and challenges that creators need to overcome when creating VR content. 

    Matt also explored some of the pros and cons of each system, and gave useful pointers for when to use each one. He also evaluated camera sensor types and explained how different sensors suit different environments. 

    The MelodyVR masterclass was an incredible opportunity to learn from an industry professional who has worked with internationally successful artists such as Kasabian, Kiss, Liam Payne, Wiz Khalifa and Chainsmokers.