Mixing with Grammy Award Winning Engineer James Auwarter

    SAE UK welcomed Grammy Award Winning Engineer James Auwarter for an open dialogue, and a show-and-tell inside some of his Pro Tools sessions.

    Guests had a peak behind the mix curtain as James discussed his mixing philosophies, walked us through his mix session setup/routing, talked about his workflow and thought process, and highlighted some of the key plugins being used, amongst other things.

    James has made Chicago his home base for the past 15 years, and while still retaining a presence in the Chicago/USA scene, James now also resides in London.

    For more information on James, please visit: www.codaroomaudio.com


    James Auwarter is a Grammy award winning engineer, who’s officially been credited on 31 total Grammy nominations. “Studio James” is known for his diversity, having the distinction of successfully working in practically every genre of music over his 15+ year career. This has included credits on Grammy nominated Hip Hop / R&B / Gospel / Jazz, while also having worked with world renowned classical musicians, rockstars, popstars (and even a Billboard-charting Country artist).

    Beyond recording, mixing, and mastering music, he has had successful endeavors writing and producing, working live sound (both FOH and monitors), and even mixing an award-winning short film. James is also very passionate about educating the next generation of audio professionals, having lead many workshops and masterclasses throughout the world.

    Since 2016, James has owned his Chicago-based studio, branded Coda Room Audio. In 2019, James received Arts Council England’s formal endorsement for a UK Tier 1 “Exceptional Talent” visa, paving the way for a whole new adventure (and expansion) across the pond. While still retaining a presence in the Chicago/USA scene, James now also resides in London.