Guest Talk with Abbi Collins, Stunt Co-ordinator and Fight Arranger

    About Guest talk

    Abbi shared her stories and showcased videos containing explosive and dynamic stunt action. She discussed the requirements and qualifications necessary to gain entry onto the elite team of professional JISC Registered Stunt Performers. The guest talk included discussions covering preparation and safety of all stunts and touched upon working with other departments such as motion capture, special effects and CGI; which is used to achieve breath-taking ‘reality’. Abbi also gave the audience an insight into behind the scenes actions.


    About Abbi

    Abbi is fully qualified Equity registered Stunt Co-ordinator, Fight Arranger and Horse Master. Beginning her career as a stunt performer in 1987 has enabled her to develop into a knowledgeable and industry leading Stunt Co-ordinator.  Abbi's creativity, innovation and vision, together with her widely talented, hand picked, team of stunt professionals, means she can deliver dynamic action sequences for all budgets.

    Abbi has performed stunts on a number of high profile television shows and films including Poldark, Holby City, Harry Potter and 28 weeks later.

    In 1994 Abbi was honoured to be invited to join the 'Hollywood Stuntman's Hall Of Fame', based in Ohio and over the years have worked on many award winning TV and film productions.