SAE Scholarship winner launches new club nights in Liverpool

03 Nov 2017

SAE Liverpool Audio student and scholarship winner Joe Oxspring has been having an incredible first trimester, having recently launched a new series of club nights in Liverpool through his events company FØRGED events

Joe founded the company with his associate Dominic Garbett through their love for music and sharing good times with those who love music as much as they do.

In an attempt to have an undiluted vision and full creative control, Joe and Dominic work direct with the artists rather than going via promoters or management companies, working with a plethora of people from different backgrounds and disciplines so that anyone can theoretically benefit from their venture.

Joe commented:

"As students in Liverpool ourselves, we were tired of being spoon-fed chart and generic ‘club music’ everywhere we went. Dom and I both love electronic music, and initially just wanted to host a big party for our friends in a venue, but it snowballed into what is now called FØRGED. We figured that anyone who wanted to come and support local DJs playing music we love is a friend of ours, so decided to make it open to the public.

Everything is done by Dom and myself, from decorating the venue to tireless hours of handing out flyers and advertising on social media. None of this would have been possible without the advice and guidance provided to me by the staff at SAE, which I am extremely grateful for.

Receiving the SAE scholarship meant that I didn’t have to worry about the costs of my education and living, so I can spend my time on projects that I love. FØRGED is a collaborative effort, we are utilising SAE film students to shoot footage at the event, and another SAE student to take photos for us. You have to do what you love, or there’s no point in doing it at all"

The next event on the FØRGED calendar is 'Debut' on Thursday 16 November at The Supper Club and will feature EDM, future house, base house, baseline and tech music.