Sylvia Massy has been Producing, Engineering and Mixing popular music for decades. She’s renowned for her work with Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash and Prince. She’s received over 25 gold and platinum records including awards for her work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sevendust and Tom Petty. She’s also an accomplished fine artist, a published columnist, in-demand educator and relentless entrepreneur. But to her many friends, she’s just Sylvia, the Radiant Being. As a veteran of the music industry, Sylvia has haunted the recording studios of the world, connecting with both young and established musicians. Her discography includes a wide variety of musical styles, from indie rock to dance to pop to country to R&B to metal, never being pigeon-holed. A long list of Sylvia's Discography please find here


    Sylvia has collected dozens of multi-platinum and gold records including awards for Tool’s “Undertow”, Prince’s “Diamond’s And Pearls”, Paula Abdul’s “Spellbound”, Powerman 5000’s “Tonight The Stars Revolt”, Skunk Anansie’s “Paranoid And Sunburnt”, Tool’s “Opiate”, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “One Hot Minute”, Prince’s “Cream”, Julio Iglesia’s “Starry Night”, Seigmen “Metropolis”, Econoline Crush “Devil You Know”, Green Jelly’s “Cereal Killer”, Scream 3 Soundtrack, Beavis And Butthead Soundtrack, Black Crowes’ “Shake Your Money Maker”, System Of A Down’s debut, and Spiderbait’s “Tonight Alright”. Sylvia was awarded for her years of service on the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences (NARAS) P&E Wing Steering Committee. She still holds a position on the NARAS P&E Wing’s Advisory Board and is active in the advocacy programs championed by the Grammy organization. More information about Sylvia's Awards please find here

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