Jaroslav Beck
Get in the studios and play. Leave only when you have to. Then when you’ve got something good to share, funny, informative or anything then make sure that you communicate it with your audience. If I should advise something to new composers it will be just one thing: discover yourself. If you discover yourself and your individualism then you can bring something new and unique to the world.

Jaroslav joined SAE Oxford in 2012 to study Audio Production and less than two years later was remixing sound for the EA Games Battlefield Hardline trailer. His rapid rise to success was no surprise to SAE tutors, who recognised his hard work and determination.

Since graduating from SAE, Jaroslav has worked on numerous productions including Terminator Genisys, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Star Wars the Force Awakens. In 2016, he was named in the Czech Forbes "30 under 30" list whilst receiving his first G.A.N.G award.