Andrea Martina
Games and Web Programme Coordinator
BA in Cinema and Media Engineering
MA in Cinema and Media Engineering
PhD in Computer Science Engineering

What’s your real name and gamer tag?

My real name is Andrea and ops… I really I don’t have a gamertag. I’m a strange gamer: I’m really not so attached to any gamertag/username, so I change it every time!

What spurred you to get into the gaming industry?

I’ve always loved playing games (both real and virtual). I’ve always been curious about the 3D world (since the first Toy Story movie was released) and about any interactive things. Once I had my first PC (back in the 90’s) I really got hooked on video games. Today, after lots of years, I’m still playing (as soon as I have some spare time) awesome games!

Why should students study games? And more specifically, why should they study it at SAE?

Well, I really think the gaming industry is continuing increasing and changing, allowing more and more opportunities. Moreover, the gaming industry is strictly linked to all new technologies that every day appear on the market: this opens to infinite possibilities! Furthermore, the gaming industry is permeating in many different areas (such as medicine, tourism, education, defence), and who knows how many new scenarios is creating...

Why here ate SAE? Mainly because you can work for 2 years in a creative environment, where all different discipline can really collaborate with each other!

With global games industry set to reach over $100 billion, how do you feel about teaching the next generation of changemakers and innovators?

I’m really excited about that. I think they can really change the behaviours of millions of people, as in the past did those who invented/created smartphones, tablets, drones...

Is there any company you recommend students draw inspiration from?

Actually, I can list thousands of them, but from my point of view, I think students should focus their attention on all those little and indie companies, where 4 - 5 passionate people are trying to collaborate to create something new, something original. Those companies are generally not so famous or cool, but surely they have a huge potential and innovative capacity.

Favourite game of all time?

Oh, this is difficult to say. I really loved the “Age of Empires” series, recently “The Walking Dead” game. But the top of the best in my personal podium, surely is “The Course of Monkey Island” (the 3rd in the awesome “Monkey Island” series), just marvellous!

Highest gaming accomplishment?

Oh, I’m not really into multiplayer games, I really prefer to play alone against the PC. So generally, my highest accomplishments were just to reach the end of the game.

Longest time spent playing one video/online game?

I think 6 hours. Not bad!

Gaming character which best represents you?

Mmmm… not an easy one. I think a mix among Josef (in Machinarium), Guybrush Threepwood and the red ghost in PacMan. :p

Please list projects you have worked on outside of SAE and any publications:

I’ve worked as Game Developer for some simple games, but most of my works are research-based projects where games were used for different purposes: education, research, culture, medicine.

Along with my research activities, I published some scientific articles in academic journals and international conferences.